Waiting in line forever.

When I walk to work, I often walk through Faneuil Hall… this morning though… there was a line and a half that was outside of Newbury Comics. Now… many of the stores in Quincy market aren’t open that early, so I was confused.
I didn’t really want to stop and ask anyone, so I flipped out the trusty iPhone and looked up what was going on at Newbury in Faneuil.
The only thing I saw was for a band called “The lonely planet” doing a signing at 7pm tonight. Now, upon further searching… I found out that Andy Samberg is in that band… so I was like… oh, ok… but then I looked at my watch, realized it was 9am… and was like… O.o

Who waits in line nearly 12 hours… for a signing like that?
I can see it if it’s someone completely A-list… but… then I realized that I’ve done kind of similar things in my life… so I let it go.
But still… nearly 12 hours to wait in line… they’re lucky it’s a beautiful day!


Love for sale…

A while back I joined “match.com” randomly. I never paid… but I was able to look through the profiles. I, to this day, still get emails from them, and have tried on multiple accounts to stop the emails from coming through, but alas… they do…

I never open them… but as I was deleting the one I got today it made me chuckle, because the subject line was… “love on sale 25% off (or some percentage)… this week only!”

I’m not sure that’s a good selling point. I don’t want love that’s reduced by a quarter. I’ll take 100% please.

You don’t have to lick it.

While waiting for my friend to get out of the bank, I watched a girl lick a self-sealable envelope. She realized that it had sticky stuff, almost immediately, because she pulled it away from her mouth, and then looked at it. Now if she were to simply stop there, and allow it to seal without the licking… I wouldn’t have much to post… but the girl shrugged, and put it back to her mouth, and continued to lick the rest of it.

And then…
she was annoyed that it didn’t stay closed…
And had to get another envelope.
And licked that new one… YET AGAIN…
and… girls and boys, I’m sure you can see where this is going… it didn’t close.
So, she walked into the main part of the bank, and I could see her talking to someone, explaining that she needed a working envelope (or something, I’m not sure what she actually said…) but the man then walked back out with her to the ATM part, took out one of the envelopes, and exposed the “self-sealing” part, and smiled and said… “see… you don’t have to lick it… it has a self-sealing close.”

Thankfully my friend walked out right after that… cause I kinda had to laugh, and I turned away just in time.


Just got some anti-anxiety medication for my flying fear (stupid irrational thing that has only recently set in) as I was signing the little slip that says that I understand the medication… the pharmacist (who seriously had to have been like 12 years old) informed me that it has a side-effect of being drowsy…
I looked at her, smiled, and shrugged… “that’s good,” I said… at exactly the same moment she said. “but don’t worry, it wears off in about 3-weeks.”

WHAT the hell am I taking that by taking one pill is going to make me drowsy for 3 weeks??? Is that even possible???

Soapbox dude.

Saw a guy standing on a soapbox shouting about the end of the world in the middle of downtown crossing today.
I always thought that kind of thing only happened in the movies.

Also… why is it that Downtown crossing always reminds me of being on a movie-set?


There’s a lane on the road that has both a straight arrow and a turning arrow. In addition it has the word “only”. Well… Figuring those are the only options available… Why add the word “only”?

Seems unnecessary!


I stared at the sun today. Perhaps that’s not the smartest thing you’ve ever read, but I was able to do it. And it confused me. There was a thin layer of cloud over it… and at first I thought I was looking at the moon through the clouds, but then I realized that it was the sun… mostly because as the clouds moved, I noted that it got brighter and brighter behind the clouds. Then… just as the last whisp of cloud moved past it… I saw the most beautiful color blue.

I’ve never been able to stare at the sun…
Never really realized just how round it really is.