Waiting in line forever.

When I walk to work, I often walk through Faneuil Hall… this morning though… there was a line and a half that was outside of Newbury Comics. Now… many of the stores in Quincy market aren’t open that early, so I was confused.
I didn’t really want to stop and ask anyone, so I flipped out the trusty iPhone and looked up what was going on at Newbury in Faneuil.
The only thing I saw was for a band called “The lonely planet” doing a signing at 7pm tonight. Now, upon further searching… I found out that Andy Samberg is in that band… so I was like… oh, ok… but then I looked at my watch, realized it was 9am… and was like… O.o

Who waits in line nearly 12 hours… for a signing like that?
I can see it if it’s someone completely A-list… but… then I realized that I’ve done kind of similar things in my life… so I let it go.
But still… nearly 12 hours to wait in line… they’re lucky it’s a beautiful day!


One thought on “Waiting in line forever.

  1. You do realise that you used your iphone to google events in your area, searched through the results until you found the right one… just to avoid human contact?

    I love geeks!

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