Chunks of ice, and kissing fools.

Walking out of the aquarium t-stop, I stood on the escalator going upwards. Coming downwards on the escalator next to me were two people, who were lip-locked for the entire ride down. The aquarium t-stop is rather deep, I worried that they had perhaps passed out on one another due to lack of oxygen… or perhaps they had made a pact to kiss the entire way down, to see if they could make it.

I must say, for a split second I was worried that they were dead… 

In the park across from where I live, there were massive chunks of ice, all over the place. At first I thought it was simply remnants of the snow, which seems to all but disappeared from this area. But then, on the last bench, I saw that they were definitely ice-sculptures, bashed to bits… because on the last bench was the sculpture of a person lying asleep… and below that sculpture of a person lying asleep… was an actual person, lying asleep. 

It seems life imitates art.


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