You don’t have to lick it.

While waiting for my friend to get out of the bank, I watched a girl lick a self-sealable envelope. She realized that it had sticky stuff, almost immediately, because she pulled it away from her mouth, and then looked at it. Now if she were to simply stop there, and allow it to seal without the licking… I wouldn’t have much to post… but the girl shrugged, and put it back to her mouth, and continued to lick the rest of it.

And then…
she was annoyed that it didn’t stay closed…
And had to get another envelope.
And licked that new one… YET AGAIN…
and… girls and boys, I’m sure you can see where this is going… it didn’t close.
So, she walked into the main part of the bank, and I could see her talking to someone, explaining that she needed a working envelope (or something, I’m not sure what she actually said…) but the man then walked back out with her to the ATM part, took out one of the envelopes, and exposed the “self-sealing” part, and smiled and said… “see… you don’t have to lick it… it has a self-sealing close.”

Thankfully my friend walked out right after that… cause I kinda had to laugh, and I turned away just in time.


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