Healthy dose of WTF?

So, this is NYC, and there are thousands of crazy people walking the streets… actually strike that, probably more like millions of crazy people on the streets. I get that, I can handle that… but this morning, I saw a lady who was dressed head to toe in bottle caps. As people walked past her, she took off one of the bottle caps and chucked it at the people.

As far as I could tell, there wasn’t anything underneath the bottle caps… sooo… umm… there will come a time when she’s going to start wearing thin in the bottle cap department. I wonder if she replenishes, or if her goal is to just go balls to the wall and let it all hang out.


Overheard: Look up

This is an older memory, but it’s a great one. A couple of weeks ago I was standing at the northwest corner of 34th and 5th avenue, waiting for the little walking man to let me cross the busy avenue when I heard a kid screaming at his father to take him to the Empire State Building… Here’s how it went.

“DADDY!!! I WANT TO SEE IT! PLEASE!” the little child screamed as I looked over and saw him tugging on his father’s shirt. His father had his nose buried in a map of Manhattan, oblivious to the screams. (on a side note, I always wonder if once you become a parent if you lose part of your ability to hear children’s whimperings)

“It’s around here somewhere son. Hold on, I know the empire state building is here somewhere,” the father responded, nose still buried in the map.

“But daddy! I want to see the Empire state building, why can’t I see it?” The kid kept pestering his father.

“I don’t know, I don’t know. I can’t find it on the map. I think we’re close, but I don’t know where the empire state building is. Why can’t I find the empire state building,” the father said as he finally took his face away from the map. At that exact moment, after he asked himself that absurd question, a lovely New Yorker walked right at him, and grunted.

“Why don’t you take your damn nose out of the map and look up!”

Funny point to this… they were literally standing in front of it. I don’t know if they thought in their mind that they’d see the spire as they walked towards it… or what, but yes… all they had to do, standing on that corner was look straight up…

Photo Op

I’ve seen a lot of tourists taking a lot of pictures in my days walking around NYC, but today I was privy to an interesting photo shoot.

For nearly 10 minutes, two French tourists stood in front of a magazine rack and put, I’d say almost 10 dollars worth of quarters into the NY Times slot and took turns taking pictures of each other taking out the paper. They are now the proud owners of a “true life” NYC shot, and about 10 NY times… which they proudly tucked into their bags.


Long time, lots to see

It’s been forever since I’ve updated this, and I’m annoyed at myself, because I’ve seen a lot of random things. I think I will bring this blog back!

Let’s see what’s been a random observation recently… Well, with the NY Comic Con having just ended, I saw some interesting sights… Now mind you, most of those were close to the Javitts Center… that’s why it completely took me off guard when I saw a rather portly down and out Captain Kirk walking down 42nd street outside of where I work, on the completely opposite side of town. I hope he was in fact making his way to the convention… though.. this is NYC, stranger things have happened.