I sneezed, and my nosering flew out of my nose. I’m not even kidding. It was one of the most embarrassing things in my life. Specifically because, it not only bottlerocketed out of my nose, but it went “dink” against the person in the elevator’s forehead.

On that same note.
Blowing your nose, when you have a nose ring is exceptionally difficult. It’s because I blew my nose, and then didn’t realize that the little screw wasn’t in right, and then sneezed, that it was able to jimmy loose and expel itself from the side of my nose.

Perhaps I should have remembered that I have a lot of allergies… maybe I shouldn’t have gotten the nosering.


Sign Placement dilemmas

While on the T, I noticed there was an interesting sign.
“Obstructing doors causes delays. Please move into the train.”

While this is a very accurate sign, the thing that confused me was that it was already inside the train. Therefore, it was of no use to the people obstructing the door, because they wouldn’t have been able to see it.
I think it should have read…
“Obstructing doors causes delays. If you see this, yell at the people in the door so that we can get moving!”

Partly something

I got in the elevator this morning, and looked at the televator (LOVE this thing, the TV in the elevator, what a frakking awesome concept). Anyways… it displayed the weather for the next 3 days.
Friday= Sunny… and showed a picture of a sun… (makes sense)
Saturday= Partly Sunny… and showed a picture of a sun behind some clouds (makes sense)
Sunday=Partly Cloudy… and showed the same picture as that of partly sunny.

If I didn’t know how to read, Saturday and Sunday would appear to be the exact same thing… when, apparently they’re not, because they have different descriptions… But then, I thought about it harder, and I wasn’t sure how to solve this conundrum. Do we put a picture with less clouds for the partially sunny descriptor? Or more clouds over the sun for the partly cloudy… but then… does that mean that partly cloudy and cloudy could then be confused?

But then, my head exploded… because isn’t “partly cloudy” and “partly sunny” the same thing? Basically it’s just the old adage of the glass being half full or half empty…
I think the person who put the weather up on the televator was just trying to mess with people’s heads… or maybe just mine…

Where am I?

“Are we in Boston?”
Overheard while walking through the Government center park. I really really really wanted to turn around and give him an incredulous look… because not only was the person in Boston who asked the question… but they were sitting smack dab in the middle of it…
Perhaps he just woke up, and had a bender last night. I’ll give him this one, this time…

Pot, kettle, black

Overheard while walking back from lunch:
“I don’t understand why she got it. I mean, she’s not naturally graceful, I am!”
Which was then followed by the girl who said that, falling on her face, her feet caught up in caution tape, that she hadn’t noticed she had stepped on.

Personally, I’m not sure what she was talking about, but if that’s what you call naturally graceful, well then, darling… I’m a wretched clutz!

Observations from the Cape

I had the lovely opportunity to visit the cape this past weekend.
And I saw some interesting things.

First of all, I entered Hyannis about 5 minutes before the motorcade with Ted kennedy left. This is in no way a silly observation, but just a normal one. The Kennedy’s must be like royalty to us in the US, because there were so many people, lining the road for miles.

As I left the cape, that’s where the somewhat humorous observations took place.

First of all. This is in no way meant to be racist, but did you know that there’s a need for India Big and Tall clothing stores that sell tie-dye outfits? Because I saw 3 stores… not just one, mind you, but 3. Made me wonder how many people of Indian origin are Big and Tall and enjoy not only a tie-dye shirt, but also the matching shorts to go with it…

Also, I was quite impressed by how many signs didn’t make sense on the cape.
“Stop here on red” Pointing to a line in the road… nowhere near a stop sign or light.
“Yield” On a one lane road, without any on or off ramps… and nobody merging in, or crosswalks, or anything.
“When lights are flashing, school is in session” Nowhere near a school…

Perhaps people on the Cape ought to take some time out of their days and make a list of all the non-essential signs that clutter the side of the road. I’m betting there are more of them.