Nun gun.

There’s a gun-weilding guy in a nun costume running around my neighborhood.
Really. There is.
Mind you… it’s for a movie called “The Town”, and there’s some famous guy under the atrocious mask… and he’s firing blanks… but it’s still very surreal to see black robes whipping about and a person holding up a gun and firing it at fake Boston Police cars.
Maybe it really is time that I moved.


Watch where you’re driving.

Due to some interesting things that have been happening over the last couple of weeks, I’ve changed my routine. I no longer walk to work, I drive… and I don’t actually drive to work, but rather to freelance. So thus is my life at the moment.

And while I’m no longer walking and driving instead, I had a funny little realization today.

“Driving in breakdown lane prohibited, EXCEPT for Mon-Fri 7-10am and 3-6pm.” Basically the times when people do drive on this particular road, it’s ok to drive down the breakdown lane. And people do! What’s even funnier is that people drive down the breakdown lane even when there’s no traffic in the regular lanes. I love how adults basically have little “YAY!” moments… you think we’d outgrow that, but it just seems to keep going.