Segways and christmas in June

It’s amazing the things you’ll see after working at the aquarium, and sitting at a bartop with a couple of friends.

Saw 7, count it, 7 people on segways… in the rain… But the best part was that all of them were wearing a different colored poncho… red, green, yellow, pink, orange, yellow, clear. It was like a rainbow of people jetting past on their segways.

Two kids were walking around Faneuil Hall, wearing santa hats. Is Christmas in June the new fad?

Best thing ever was the 80’s pub crawl that walked into the bar we were at. Everyone looked amazing, except one girl… who was wearing a black tank top, and a pair of shorts, and her hair was up in a regular hairdo. OK… so, just for further reference… you can dressy slutty during the day, doing a pub crawl… if it’s in costume… however… if you’re not in costume, you just look stupid.


Sad day

It was a sad day for hollywood yesterday… and for the world really.

Farrah Fawcett died, and Michael Jackson died too.
I watched twitter, and heard about it through that… odd isn’t it? That the way the world is going, we’re now getting our information via different ways than ever before.

But as horrible as the deaths were… I had to giggle at my friend’s FB status
“Sorry Farrah, you’ve been trumped.”

Weight watcher

A woman walked into the elevator in my building, holding in one hand a very bland looking salad. Her friend walked in next to her. They chatted as the elevator doors closed. And here’s an abbreviated bit of their convo.

“Looks good,” the woman not holding the salad, said to the other one.
“Yeah, I’m trying to stick to my diet,” the other woman said with a smile. “No more eating crap at the office.”
“Good for you,” the woman’s friend replied.

Then the doors opened, and they went forward to walk out… I was getting off at the floor above. It was then, that I noticed that in the woman’s other hand (the one who said she didn’t want to eat crap in the office) she had 3 cookies… 3 very large chocolate chip cookies.
Now, I’m not one to judge… I’ll order crappy things to eat, and then order a diet coke and think that at least helps me out… but I have to chuckle at the woman’s meaning of “crappy food” especially when kind of hiding a bunch of cookies…
Maybe they’re for her coworkers… maybe she’s bringing them home for her kids… I don’t know what… but I just thought it funny.

If you’re going to “eat healthy” having 3 cookies, kind of negates that.

Where’s the parade?

Walking to work today, I saw a guy sitting in a canvas folding chair on the side of Cambridge street. He had a cooler next to him, and was reading a paper. But he honestly just looked like he was waiting for a parade to come down the street.
Either that, or he was camping out, maybe to get something? The really odd thing is the fact that there weren’t any stores, around where he was sitting.

Maybe he just got tired of walking, and decided to take a break. He’s just smart enough to carry around a chair to sit on.

Yesterday I made a credit card payment… but I messed up and clicked my old bank. Freaking out, I tried to cancel it, and then just gave up, and realized that they’d soon find out that they wouldn’t get any money from that bank account, since… well… it no longer exists.
However, today, I received an email that said the credit card company had received my payment, and thank you. This confuses me, and honestly worries me. I think I’m going to have to call them… and by them, I mean I’m probably going to be calling some off shore office with a bunch of people clacking away on computers, with absolutely no training in money handling. I love how our financial system works.


Here are some of the great plates I saw today while driving.

Saw New Hampshire plates on a very very very nice Mercedes sedan that said “Waste” on them. Not sure if they thought getting license plates was a waste, or if the car was a waste of money… or maybe, just maybe they’re the people in charge of the trash up there in New Hampshire.

Saw New Hampshire plates on a nice Cadillac that said… “I Raise” I honestly don’t get those plates at all.

Saw Ma plates on a Lexus that said… “Lex S” I guess “lexus” was already taken… which makes me wonder if someone put “Lexus” on their plates, on a Kia or something. Which would be hilarious.

Saw Ma plates with this on it “Killer” Either this guy is trying to passively confess a murder… or he thinks his car is killer cool.

All these, random plates in the span of like… 6 hours… RANDOM!

Creamer mishap and sin absolutions

You know those individual little creamers you can get? Well, I picked up two of them, poured my coffee, and swirled in my usual 12 packets of sugar (I’m a fiend)… and I opened my first creamer, and there was nothing in it. Now, I swear, this wasn’t an old, used, discarded one. I had to literally tear the top off… but nothing was inside… so, I put it aside, and picked up the other one, and opened it, and it had creamer in it, so I poured it in my coffee… then had to go back for another… Who would have thought that I’d ever have the same thing happen twice… and yet… it did. Once again, I had to open the creamer, rip the top off… and there was nothing inside. Not just that… both creamer packages looked dry as hell.

On another note.
I was just absolved from all my sins by JC_the_saviour on twitter. All because I Followfriday’ed him. (
Twitter really has broken through all the barriers between people.

Boombox dude

Boombox dude has a friend. They walk around my neighborhood together, with a boombox between them, playing very very bad 80’s rock music. I’m talking… thriller, like a virgin… seriously.

Also, I sent out a tweet today on twitter, about this movie “Jesus Camp” (documentary), and got a message back from JC himself.
I don’t know which was more sacrilege, and really, I don’t care, but I thought it oddly comforting that JC doesn’t really agree with the whole evangelical christian nuts.
Because, I watched the movie, and they said, “let the blood of Jesus flow over these powerpoint slides, so that the devil can’t do them harm.” I’m sorry, but that’s a bit much. I know I have in the past, “blessed” my computer… “JESUS CHRIST WORK!” *coughs* but… I’m not about to ask for it to be doused with blood. I don’t think that would be a better alternative… that is, unless your computer’s a Carrie Computer.