Train’ing elephants

In my profession, I often travel, quickly, in a whirlwind fashion, and totally and completely randomly.

That being said. This past Monday we traveled from my office in NYC to the client’s office just outside of DC. We took a 2.5 hour train ride (each way) for a 1.5 hour meeting. I find that to be exceptionally ridiculous. But whatever. The fun thing about sitting on an Acela is that you get to fly by some really random places and see things that you don’t normally see up in the air, or on the roads.

Such as the elephant that I saw wandering around in a parking lot somewhere between Philadelphia and Baltimore. Mind you, it was just a glance, so I can’t be entirely sure what it was doing, or why it was there… But there was an elephant. In a parking lot. By itself… just outside of Philly.


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