Elevator antics

I always thought I had an intense irrational fear of elevators. Every time I get in one, my heart races. This comes from way too many times getting stuck in an elevator, combined with my fear of heights and the falling sensation.

That being said. I met my match today. Let me play this out for you.

I walk onto the elevator, hit my floor. There’s already a lady on the elevator. She looks disgruntled, because just as I was walking onto the elevator the doors were beginning to close, so I caused them to pop back open. The doors close quickly after though, and we start to go up. Then there’s a little thud somewhere in the shaft, and of course my mind goes wild, thinking this is it, I’m going to die, the elevator is going to fall from its place in the shaft, and even though we’re only probably 3 flights up at this point, I’m going to die. However, I don’t move a muscle, don’t make a sound, because I know that’s an extremely irrational thought. The other lady however, beat me to it.

She looked at me, eyes wild and said, “oh my god. Did you hear that?”
“Yes,” I responded. Did my face give me away, did I look scared, is that why she was reacting so wildly. No, I think to myself, that can’t be it.
“The elevator just exploded.”
Ok. I may have had irrational thoughts, but never in a thousand years would those words have ever come out of my mouth.

“If it had exploded, wouldn’t we be dead?” I ask cautiously, trying hard not to look at her like she’s a complete idiot, but probably failing miserably.
“Oh, that’s so hollywood. They want you to think that don’t they?”

Thank goodness the elevator doors opened right then and there, and I could walk off… Lady, you’re insane.


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