Bathroom Nervousness

You know the feeling. You really have to go, you walk into a public restroom somewhere, knowing that you’re going to either stink up the entire bathroom or make sounds that probably shouldn’t be allowed in public… That being said, this blog post is not to make anyone feel bad about pooping in public. It’s about trying to cover up a completely natural thing.

I went to the bathroom, one stall was occupied, and being the polite person I am, I went to the one 2 stalls away, giving space between us. Then I hear it… A deep cough, a sneeze, a sniffle, ten million other bodily noises in order to cover up the sound of what she considered to be worse than all of those combined.

Just let it out darling. You don’t need to have an aneurysm pretending to cough or blow your nose. We all know what you’re doing in there…


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