All that technology and no luck

NYC is full of tourists. You can’t avoid them. Now that I work a block from Herald Square, a block down from the Empire State Building, a block from Penn station, and above the Manhattan Mall, I definitely get to see a very large percentage of them. However, the ones I saw today made me giggle. Two tourists, both with an iPad out, and the maps application up and running, walked past me, pointing towards Penn Station. And these words popped out of the guy’s mouth.

“We’re on the right street (33), it’s just a block down here.”
“Are you sure? I feel like we’d see it.”
“Nah, it’s hard to see the Empire State Building because of all the other buildings, plus you can see Madison Square Garden there, it’s just beyond that.”

First of all, if they turned around for one moment, and looked behind them, they would see the Empire State building.
Secondly, it is somewhat behind Madison Square Garden, but that’s if you’re walking east from 9th avenue.
Thirdly, you have all this high tech gadgetry at your fingertips, and you’re still lost.

Seems like even the tourists who think they’re too cool for actual maps are doomed to be lost in NYC. I wonder how long they’ll last before they realize they’re at the Lincoln tunnel and being mugged for their iPads.


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