Creating conversations

It’s been a while since I’ve written in this thing. So after a few observations today, I figured I’d start it back up again.

Talking to yourself

It’s not just for crazy people… Or is it? Elevators can be scary, tricky places where you stand awkwardly next to someone you may or may not know, and don’t say a word as your eyes stare blankly at the doors in front of you hoping that it doesn’t get stuck. Of course, if you’re being awkward behind someone, the person in front has no idea what you’re doing… That is unless the elevator is made of a soft mirror… Yes, that’s right creepy dude who was standing behind me… I saw you staring up and down my body and talking under your breath. Maybe if you’re going to be creepy, you shouldn’t do it where I can see you in a mirror.

It’s not a miracle, it’s disney.

Overheard as I walked back to work today.
Kid: “I want to go to Disney Land.”
Mom: “Ok, it’s just over there on 34th street.”



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