Awkward statements

I work in a kind of infamous building. It’s called the Daily News Building. The only reason why anyone may know what it is is because of a little movie called “Superman”. That’s right… I work at the Daily Planet. Anyways. Because of that, we have a lot of security downstairs, and some of them are friendly, some are rude, and some are just plain odd… There’s  new guy though… and as I was swiping in to go through the turnstyle, heading back upstairs with my essential “it’s been a long day” afternoon coffee, one of the security “bouncer” guys, said to me. “Enjoy!”

It completely threw me off guard. I stopped looked at him, and cocked my head to the side.
“I’m going back upstairs to work… do you mean enjoy that, or the coffee in my hand?” I asked him.
“Oh, I thought you were a tourist,” he replied, and half-smiled awkwardly.
“Oh? We have tourists?” I asked back as I finished finally walking through the turnstile.
“Well, yeah… over there,” he said, and pointed out a couple of tourists who were in fact milling around the giant globe that’s in the lobby. “But I guess they don’t go upstairs…” He was looking very contemplative at that point, so I just grinned and let out a confused laugh.
“Not unless there’s some ride somewhere in this building I don’t know about… maybe like a superman ride?” I responded… now trapped in this ridiculous conversation.
“Why would there be a superman ride?”
“Because that’s why people come in here… It’s like a landmark from the movie superman,” I responded, now desperately trying to figure out an escape route. I had things to do upstairs, my coffee was sitting limp in my hand, and I could feel the wonderful warm weight, and all I wanted to do was inject the caffeine into my system as quickly as possible.
“Really?” He responded. Oh no, I was trapped… My head spun… I tripped over my thoughts, and finally I figured go with my best bet, put the coffee up to my mouth, took a sip, and nodded… He seemed to think that was enough, and he grinned back at me, and then said…”Enjoy!”

I did not ask him what I was supposed to enjoy…

Note to self.

Never respond back, even if you’re taken back…


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