NYC sights

“Can it for a greener planet” With a recycling symbol next to it
Now… is this slogan found on a recycling can? No… a garbage can…
How does throwing things into a garbage can, which are then just going to be thrown into a garbage dump making the world greener?
Also, someone needs to remind NYC that the recycling symbol, while often a universal symbol for “green”, isn’t when it’s put on a can…

As I walked to the bus station, I started noticing that the sides of 42nd street were lined with police cruisers… I started counting… There were, I think, around 45… not to mention the fact that there was also a mobile command unit. Now… all of this is a bit worrisome as you’re walking down the road… but I didn’t think anything of it… and neither did the homeless guy who was walking from one window to the next of each of the cop cars, asking for money…
Kinda made me giggle…
Even when there’s something massive going on, there’s still a sense of normalcy in it all.


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