Winter notice…

Hey there. Sorry it’s been so long. I really ought to change the name of this blog to just observations instead of daily observations, because I’ve gotten so bad at keeping up with the daily aspect of it.
That being said, here are a couple of my most recent winter noticings.

Saw a woman the other day who had a brown scarf around her face. As I got closer I thought it was made out of an interesting looking fabric, and then as I got even closer, I realized that it was her hair… She had pulled her hair around her neck and her face to keep herself warm. First of all, I love the fact that her hair is long enough to do that with… but then I kind of grimaced and saw a pashmina dealer on the side of the street. I really wanted to go and buy her one of the $5 scarves and give it to her, just so that she wouldn’t have to do that any longer.

Speaking of scarves… this morning, as I stood in line for the bus to take me to work, the lady in front of me was sneezing, sniffling, and snotting up a storm. Now mind you, I wouldn’t fault her that… it was bloody cold out, and I too was sniffling a bit. But as she turned around, I saw that she had a scarf around her mouth and nose. The lady was basically using her scarf as a handkerchief, but just keeping it against her face… Hmmm… nothing says “Happy Winter” like a dried snotty face in the morning after you unwrap the scarf.

And speaking of bloody cold. The other day I was walking to work, and a young woman was walking towards me… I wouldn’t have really noticed her, except for the fact that she was walking down the street in a shortish skirt, t-shirt, and light sweater on, oh, and of course… a pair of uggs… She looked completely comfortable as I passed her. I, meanwhile, was bundled in a thick sweater, jeans, wooly boots, and my sleeping-jacket coat (big long fluffy down coat). It was 5 degrees outside (fahrenheit). I guess though, when you’ve got uggs on, you’re invincible to the cold… cause that’s not the first time I’ve seen an outfit like that… why even bother with the uggs at that point?


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