That’s not what I wanted…

I just looked up “sushi places in Morristown” and a great little “eat sushi” website came up. So I clicked on it, and it took me to a comprehensive list of sushi places in Morristown…
Sounds easy enough right?
Well… I scrolled down the list, and on that list was Dominoes Pizza.
Now, I don’t know about you… but I don’t think I’d be getting my sushi from Dominoes, even if they do sell it…
though I have to admit, when I saw it, I was a bit intrigued and wondered if they did in fact sell sushi at this particular dominoes in Morristown.
So… I being the person I am, called up the number that was given with this particular Dominoes.
A young man answered the phone… and here’s the convo… (I literally typed it as I spoke with him, so this is a copy and paste. LOL

“Hi, Dominoes, is this for delivery or pickup?”
“Hi, I’m not actually placing an order. I was just wondering what kind of sushi you have.”
“Excuse me?”
“Sushi. I found the name of your establishment on a great eat sushi website. They said you had sushi.”
“We have anchovies.”
“Are they in a roll?”
“No, they come in a can, and we put them on the pizza.”
“Oh, can you get a pizza roll?”
“No, we don’t make those, I think that’s a Pizza hut thing.”
“No, i mean, do you have a pizza sushi roll?”
“I don’t think so. Let me ask.”
*** *** *** on hold *** *** ***
“I just spoke with my manager, he said we don’t have sushi pizza, but that if you are interested in making a suggestion, I can give you the address of where to send it to.”
“Oh, I don’t have a suggestion, I just thought you had sushi, because it says it does on this website.”
“On our website?”
“No, on an eat sushi website.”
“I’ve never been on that one. I like facebook better.”
“Ok…” (that comment that he just gave me actually made me speechless for a second)
“Can I interest you in ordering lunch?”
“No, I’m in NYC.”
“Oh, we don’t deliver there.”
“Well I’m sure there’s a dominoes in NYC that does deliver.”
“I don’t know. I can ask my manager.”
“No… that’s ok. Thanks!”
*hang up*

I’m horrible… I really didn’t think Dominoes has sushi (obviously) but it was actually a really funny conversation… and thought you’d get a kick out of it!


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