I don’t owe you anything.

New desk. New phone number… or at least, to me it is… but throughout the past 2 days I’ve been getting a phone call from some creditor that is getting on my last nerve, and is quite annoyed with me too…
Here’s my conversation with him.

“Hi, is Jane Doe there?” the voice on the other end of the line asked as I picked up the phone.
“No, I’m sorry, you must have the wrong number,” I replied in my ‘client voice’ as my friend puts it.
“No, I don’t, because I’ve spoken with her at this number in the past. Please put her on.”
“No, really, you may have, but I just started last monday and this is my phone number now, and she’s not here.”
“Oh, just put her on, I’m done with this nonsense,” he replied, and sounded quite annoyed.
“Sir, there’s nobody here with that name, my name’s Ash. This may have been her phone number in the past, but now it’s mine. Please mark your records. Thanks.” And I hung up… because I’m at work, and I’m not about to spend time arguing with someone on the other line.

That was yesterday.

Phone rings… it’s the same number, I ignored it… it went to my voicemail, which blatantly says my name in it… here’s what he leaves.
“Oh, so your name is Ashley now? Whatever it is, you still owe us money. Either pay up, or we’ll be sending someone out to collect.” And then he hung up… and yes, I know it’s odd for me to say he hung up… but he hung up with such a force that I actually heard the phone slam together before it cut out.
I’m just hoping he doesn’t think that my full name is someone else, and that I’m pretending to be me…


One thought on “I don’t owe you anything.

  1. OMG What the, That guy is nuts & wonko.. Dont you
    have anough to deal with at work everday.. Here’s hoping he doesnt call back..

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