I went to Duane Reade during my lunch break, while I was waiting for my sushi, and bought some bags of candy. (I have a problem… a sugar/candy problem… I’ll admit that now, and then we’ll move on with the story.)

Anyways. I picked out the different bags of candy that I want at my desk, and then walked up to the register, laden with the different colored bags. The man in front of me was pulling money out of his pocket, and putting it on the counter… and then this happened.

“Excuse me sir, does this look like Canada to you?” The lady at the cash register said. She sat back on her heels, giving him a sassy face as she crossed her arms across her chest.
“Eh?” He answered, and I snorted. It was so stereotypical that I wasn’t expecting it. Especially not in a Duane Reade on the east side of Manhattan.
“Oh, so you are Canadian,” the lady responded. And I swear, she mentally gave him the three snap across her body with a little shake of the head that said ‘oh no you din’nt’
“Are you being racist?” Said the very very very white Canadian man to the horribly stereotypical black woman.
“Me? You’re calling me a racist?”
“Well, it seems to me that you’re not serving me because of my nationality,” he responded.

Meanwhile. I’m standing in line, and while it was kind of a funny thing happening in front of me, I had no idea how the hell she even knew he was Canadian… back to the story…

“Sir, I simply asked you if this looked like Canada,” she said with a huff. The man then looked around, then looked out the door towards the street and shrugged.
“I think this could pass for any of the cities in Canada,” he responded. “But I’m still not sure why you’re being so discriminatory.”

To which the lady pointed at the coins that he had put down to pay for whatever it was that he bought…
“We don’t accept Canadian money,” she said.

Why couldn’t she have just started with that? It would have saved us all a lot of time…
Still… I can’t help but giggle over the fact that when the man finally pulled out a credit card and paid, and walked out… and then I walked up, she looked me up and down and said… “You’re not with him are you?” I shook my head, and put down my bags of candy… I really really really really wished I had a couple of Canadian coins at that moment to plunk down and see if I could get her going again.


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