Partly something

I got in the elevator this morning, and looked at the televator (LOVE this thing, the TV in the elevator, what a frakking awesome concept). Anyways… it displayed the weather for the next 3 days.
Friday= Sunny… and showed a picture of a sun… (makes sense)
Saturday= Partly Sunny… and showed a picture of a sun behind some clouds (makes sense)
Sunday=Partly Cloudy… and showed the same picture as that of partly sunny.

If I didn’t know how to read, Saturday and Sunday would appear to be the exact same thing… when, apparently they’re not, because they have different descriptions… But then, I thought about it harder, and I wasn’t sure how to solve this conundrum. Do we put a picture with less clouds for the partially sunny descriptor? Or more clouds over the sun for the partly cloudy… but then… does that mean that partly cloudy and cloudy could then be confused?

But then, my head exploded… because isn’t “partly cloudy” and “partly sunny” the same thing? Basically it’s just the old adage of the glass being half full or half empty…
I think the person who put the weather up on the televator was just trying to mess with people’s heads… or maybe just mine…


One thought on “Partly something

  1. Ok, just catching up on your previous posts… and I remember reading this before, so if I already said this… well, you know me.
    Anyway… I believe the difference between partly cloudy and partly cloudy (and cloudy) has more to do with how high the clouds are than how many there are.

    At least that’s how it was in AK where it’s always partly cloudy lol.

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