Observations from the Cape

I had the lovely opportunity to visit the cape this past weekend.
And I saw some interesting things.

First of all, I entered Hyannis about 5 minutes before the motorcade with Ted kennedy left. This is in no way a silly observation, but just a normal one. The Kennedy’s must be like royalty to us in the US, because there were so many people, lining the road for miles.

As I left the cape, that’s where the somewhat humorous observations took place.

First of all. This is in no way meant to be racist, but did you know that there’s a need for India Big and Tall clothing stores that sell tie-dye outfits? Because I saw 3 stores… not just one, mind you, but 3. Made me wonder how many people of Indian origin are Big and Tall and enjoy not only a tie-dye shirt, but also the matching shorts to go with it…

Also, I was quite impressed by how many signs didn’t make sense on the cape.
“Stop here on red” Pointing to a line in the road… nowhere near a stop sign or light.
“Yield” On a one lane road, without any on or off ramps… and nobody merging in, or crosswalks, or anything.
“When lights are flashing, school is in session” Nowhere near a school…

Perhaps people on the Cape ought to take some time out of their days and make a list of all the non-essential signs that clutter the side of the road. I’m betting there are more of them.


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