I put up on a FB status that I was melting. This is because it’s bloody 95 degrees, and I walked to work, and the humidity literally helped me lose about 5 pounds (which means I’m not complaining too much, just making an observation about the fact that I’m melting)

This then led to this text message convo with one of my friends:
Friend: “Why are you melting?”
Me: “Because I’m walking to work, and it’s so damn hot out that I’m sweating to death.”
Friend: “Well, at least we know it’s pre-bucket melting, so we can rule out wicked witch.”
Me: “What? Not following.”
Friend: “You started melting before you had water thrown at you.”
Me: “I’m not planning on having water thrown at me.”
Friend: “Well obviously. Did you think the wicked witch of the west planned to have water thrown on her?”
Me: “Well, no, but, I”m still not sure where this is going.”
Friend: “I’m just trying to prove that you’re not the wicked witch of the west, because you started melting without water being involved.”
Me: “Was there ever any doubt about me actually being the wicked witch of the west?”
Friend: “You never know. And since we don’t live in Kansas… I have water more readily available than a twister and a house.”

Good to know that my friend’s fears are now assuaged. Hate to have her keep wondering all these years if I really was the wicked witch of the west…


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