Crash… oops!

I freaked out today while walking across the bridge towards work. Which wasn’t conducive to the fact that it was 95 degrees and so humid that I felt like I was swimming to work today. But I digress… back to me freaking out.

About half way across the bridge I heard what sounded like fifteen cars hitting one another. First thought through my head was that the T had derailed. This then set off about a million other thoughts about the fact that if it did derail and was heading across the bridge, I may have to jump off the bridge into the water in order to avoid getting swiped from behind. This then also reminded me that I’d have to go near the edge of the bridge where the spiders were making nests among the rusted pillars. With all of these thoughts, if something had actually been wrong, I’d probably have been dead all ready, because I was thinking too much. But, thankfully, when I turned my head, I saw the T, and it looked fine… I saw the cars, and they looked fine… so I tried to figure out what exactly had happened… It was then that a truck passed me… and I read the side of it…
“Glass company”
Um… so… he may have just lost all his inventory as he went over a bump on the bridge…
Oh well… at least I wouldn’t have to decide if I valued my life moreso than having to confront two of my fears- heights and spiders.


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