Be Spontaneous- It works out

Ok. Usually my blogs are about random observations that make me chuckle. This one is kinda different.
Basically my evening was about to be over at about 8:30pm last night. That is until I received a text message from a friend informing me that she could get me into the very private Styx Concert…
I decided, what the hey, I’d love to go!

And I’ve never been more excited to simply say yes to a text message in my life.

It was a very small venue, we’re talking maybe 150 people… and we were at the front, literally leaning and kinda sitting on the front of the stage. At quite a few points during songs like I am the Walrus (*coughs Beatles coughs*) and Come Sail Away and Fooling Yourself and Renegade… Tommy Shaw, DeYoung, Chuck and Lawrence were literally over top of us jamming on their guitars, singing inches from my head. Lawrence even took my cell phone and started singing into it… I only wish I had had someone on the other end, cause I’d love to have seen their face… well… or at least heard their… “What the hell just happened?” “Oh, don’t worry, one of the singers for Styx just sang to you.” “Oh, ok… GAH!” lol.

Ok, let’s just say that before last night I wasn’t a big Styx fan. I mean… I’ve jammed out to Mr. Roboto and Come Sail Away and Fooling yourself… but I only own those songs… and mostly because they were popular… but now I’m really starting to listen to some of their music, and it’s really, just fun.

They’re fabulous showmen and I’ve never been so happy to do something completely spontaneous.


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