Its all about the name

My Internet at work is down… So I took a long leisurely lunch break and went to science park in Kendall square to listen to a local little band playing.

As I was leaving, I saw a man emptying the trash can. Now… He’s probably an employee of the city, and works for the overall waste management or whatever it’s called department… However on the trash can it said “janitronics”. How frakking cool is that? Then I noticed his badge. It said “director of janitronics”.

And for a moment I envied him. How fun is it that the trash collector in the middle of US’s scientific hub (Cambridge is biotech central) has the title of director of janitronics?

On another note… One of my fellow colleagues has said that her title is “director of first impressions” because she sits at the front desk and answers all incoming calls.

It seriously is all about the name… Can make anything sound ten million times better than it really is!


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