I’ve found that I really like being able to walk to work. It’s about a 25-30 minute walk, depending on how I hit the lights, but it’s a great way to wake up and also to get a little morning exercise.

Thankfully, it also helps to fuel this blog.

This morning, while walking… I happened to look down at the sidewalk, which I noticed had recently been reconcreted, or however you say that. Now… I’ve seen hands, feet, and names in sidewalks before… our own little way of trying to live forever I suppose. But this morning I saw… “Waffle” written into the pavement. Now, this was odd for a couple of reasons.
1. Who writes waffle? I mean… is that someone’s name? Or just someone’s very deep appreciation for the breakfast food?
2. It was done beautifully… As in… the person’s penmanship was remarkably perfect, leading me to almost believe that it was stamped into the ground. So… is this a marketing ploy?
I’m not sure about anything… all I know is that after that… I had this insatiable hunger for waffles… hm.

Secondly… on the whole communication morning I had.
I live in America… in Boston… now. I’ve done the whole NYC melting pot thing (2 years) and I’ve walked the city streets in that city and heard all kinds of different accents, and languages. But since moving to Boston, I’ve heard a couple of people speaking different languages, but seriously not many. This morning however… I did not hear one single person speak English. I heard Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, and something that may have been Swedish, or Slavic… (I’m not very good with understanding all of the different languages of the world)

Perhaps they ought to start calling Boston the epicenter of the melting pot… and NOT NYC. Hm.


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