Overheard- bike theft

While sitting outside, smoking a ciggy butt and minding my own business.

Biker comes up to the lamppost outside my building. Stops, takes out bike lock, and starts hooking bike to the lamppost.
Person sitting next to me looks up. This convo ensues.
“Oh! You may not want to hook it there,” the woman next to me says to the biker.
“Um? Why? Am I not allowed to park bikes here?” Biker asks, honestly worried.
“No, well. I don’t know. I would assume you could. But, you don’t want someone to steal it. They could easily slip it up, to the end of the lamppost and then take the bike home,” woman replies back.

At this point, the biker’s eyes kinda bug out, and he looks up… and up… and up… to the top of the probably 25 foot lamppost.
“You mean, they’ll slide it off up there?” He said. I chuckled under my breath, because I thought the same thing.
“Well. They could. I’m just trying to make sure your bike is safe,” the woman replied, as if she were in fact hurt that the biker wouldn’t take her seriously.

Perhaps she’s friends with giants?


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