new BJ’s

Went to NYC this past weekend and had a blast with a couple of friends who’ve been there through so many different things with me. Really made me miss that city.

But this isn’t about that… this is about the odd things I saw there… hehe.

First off… In Chinatown you can get a New BJ for 99cents! Saw a huge sign for that outside of the store… never did ask them exactly what they were selling… and honestly, was a bit worried that I’d find out my gutter mind was… relatively correct.

Went to this awesome Chinese market… They sold everything there… Mind you… you could buy a live frog… or turtle… which they would happily gut for you… or a fish, that was fresher than fresh… I’m talking about it swimming one second, and in your bag and out the door the next (after being zonked on the head by a large mallet)… BUT they don’t have diet coke. Ridiculous.

Also learned that things really can be a bit better with a little cowbell.


Went to a bar, and after a couple of drinks, we found a cowbell next to the DJ booth… spent the rest of the evening… and morning… banging it to the beat of the music.

Went to this other bar Saturday evening… and right next to the dance floor are some amazing fish tanks. However… on the other side of the fish tanks was the men’s bathroom, and a line of urinals. At least I got a birds eye view of the amount of prowess that guys were trying to indulge on us girls.
“Oh? Really? It’s that big? Well… I was privy to a glance earlier… and I’m still waiting…”


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