Expiration Dates

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to go out to lunch today, so I was stuck with raiding the kitchen and grabbing some snacky items to make a somewhat suitable lunch.
I chose little bite brownies, cheetos, and a string cheese.

Now my office keeps the kitchen well stocked with snack foods… and they just went shopping, so I didn’t bother to really acknowledge the expiration dates… However, I did glance at the little bites packaging…
It looks like this.
Aug 08
To me… this could be… the August 13, 2008 OR August 08, 2013.
Either way it kinda worried me that what I just ate was either past it’s expiration date… OR doesn’t expire for 4 years, which is INSANE.


One thought on “Expiration Dates

  1. Expiration dates are terrifying things. There are times more frightening then pulling out the milk and discovering that it had just expired. Can you trust your nose even? As soon as the date is passed no matter how much we sniff we still don’t quite believe if it doesn’t smell bad…

    This morning I made my breakfast shake using bananas, strawberries, and some yoghurt that expired 3 days ago. I feel that this makes me a better man.

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