Please hit one

I was in the elevator… I work on a rather high floor of a building that has no elevator stops between 1 and 10. So, when you get in the elevator all the little buttons go 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, etc…
I’m alone on the elevator and it stops at the 10th floor. A man walks on, I’m next to the number panel. I hit the “door close” button. He looks at me incredulously and says.
“Excuse me. You just hit the door close button? You don’t bother to ask a person what floor they’re going to? That’s awfully rude,” he said in a huffy tone.
“This elevator’s going down,” I responded, confused. “I figured you were going to the first floor.”
“I know it’s going down, but don’t simply assume I want to stop at the 1st floor only.”

Again, let me reiterate… You can’t stop on any floors between 1 and 10, and the man got on at the 10th floor, and knew that the elevator was going down.
Either he was very interested in testing out how to stop on the other floors… or he’s just having a horrible day.


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