Why Pay Phones Aren’t Obsolete

I don’t know why… but recently I’ve been noticing pay phones a whole lot. Plus, I’ve been noticing that nobody’s really using them… but that they do serve several very important functions. Here’s just a few of the functions I’ve seen…

– When on a call on your cell phone… they make for a very nice leaning post.
– When homeless, they serve as a great place to attach the side of a grimy blanket in which to sit under to keep out of the sun.
– When trying to balance a lot of things in your hands, they make for a great table on the side of the street
– When hiding from someone, they make for a great place to hide behind, and then jump out from

Ok, this is random, but I just saw that the past couple of days, people have been using payphones on the street and in the T-Station, in almost every way possible, EXCEPT for calling. Then again, with the threat of swine flu and needles in the return slot… people have come to associate pay phones with a negative stigma. Perhaps they need a refresher PR concept.


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