Stop Sign Carnage

“Did you know the stop signs with the white outlines are for suggestion only?”
“What? Really?”
“Yeah!” *snicker*

Ok, that’s not true… Well… it was an actual convo between my friend and I (I being the person who asked what? really?), however… it is NOT true that the ones with the white outlines are for suggestion only. All stop signs (at least in the US) have a white outline, therefore, they all are telling you to stop.

This, however, apparently did not ring true for one person this morning.
While trying to find a parking spot, I… not having a stop sign… was literally almost hit by the same person on 3 different occasions… all at the same intersection. I live in an area with a lot of one way streets, and when it’s street cleaning day, there are ten million people at about 8am in the morning, scrambling to find alternate parking places, so that they don’t get towed…

I just found it funny that it was the same person… and by the third time, he gave ME the middle finger… I shouted out my window, “oh yes, because I’m the one that would be at fault if you hit me… go ahead! I just hope you have insurance.” To which he replied. “Massachussetts is a no fault state sweetie.” and then smirked. This callback thwarted my attempts to look tough… damn.


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