Now that’s an addiction

I watched a girl walk into the mall with an exceptionally large cup of coffee… Just moments after she had walked through the doors, she chugged down the rest of the drink, and then dumped it in a nearby trashcan.

I wouldn’t have thunk anything of it… until I watched her walk directly into starbucks. Wow. Finishing one cup of coffee, just in time for another! That’s an addiction…
But the fun doesn’t stop there.

After grabbing a sweatshirt at old navy (cheap and soft… and needed for my office which happens to become a damn fridge at times, and with a sunburn, NOT HELPFUL!)… I saw the same woman as before… She was walking back out, towards the doors that lead outside. However, just before, she stopped, chugged the rest of the coffee she had gotten like 15 minutes ago… and turned around. I stopped then, and watched her walk back into Starbucks.

Now that’s an addiction.


One thought on “Now that’s an addiction

  1. I have worked to curb my coffee addiction to varying results. I no longer drink a cup every 15 minutes, I only have 2 pots on the Thursdays at home, and I no longer eat spoonfuls of instant coffee when I am to lazy to make a pot. I’m awesome when it comes to will power

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