Gnarly Boogie Boarder

I got the chance to go surfing this weekend, and had a total blast.
However, the guy who made it even better was this exceptionally intense boogie boarder. He had flippers, and this hat, and a full wet suit, and he charged right out there with the surfers, and honestly… kind of put them to shame with his riding the waves ability.

I got out there at one point, bobbing about on my boogie board as I watched my friend surf… and he came over, and offered me his flippers. I didn’t take them… mostly because the guy honestly kinda creeped me out, because upon closer inspection, the man had to have been in his late 60’s, early 70’s and had the skin of an American Indian (like in the pictures… weathered, and wise).

But, I thought it was nice of him to offer me the flippers… He simply shrugged when I said no thanks, and then kicked away, and flew into the curl of a wave… Totally gnarly man.


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