There’s a cage outside of some construction work as you walk over the Longfellow bridge. It kind of reminds me of a shark cage. Not that I’ve ever been in a shark cage, but I’ve seen a lot of the on TV, and some of my friends have been in one before… so I’ve seen their pictures.
But, I digress.
Anyways. This cage, plain, boring, metal cage… has… “Caution, flammable” on it.
This brings two things to mind.
1. What the hell kind of metal is it made out of that the cage is flammable.
2. Why don’t we all wear “caution flammable” signs… because, I know I’m flammable… and I don’t want people burning me up either.


One thought on “Caution

  1. Maybe we should be wearing medical alert braclets that let people know we’re flammable. I have no idea why this is brought to mind but yesterday I learned how to make a welder’s torch out of bacon. Just wanted to share that.

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