Segways and christmas in June

It’s amazing the things you’ll see after working at the aquarium, and sitting at a bartop with a couple of friends.

Saw 7, count it, 7 people on segways… in the rain… But the best part was that all of them were wearing a different colored poncho… red, green, yellow, pink, orange, yellow, clear. It was like a rainbow of people jetting past on their segways.

Two kids were walking around Faneuil Hall, wearing santa hats. Is Christmas in June the new fad?

Best thing ever was the 80’s pub crawl that walked into the bar we were at. Everyone looked amazing, except one girl… who was wearing a black tank top, and a pair of shorts, and her hair was up in a regular hairdo. OK… so, just for further reference… you can dressy slutty during the day, doing a pub crawl… if it’s in costume… however… if you’re not in costume, you just look stupid.


One thought on “Segways and christmas in June

  1. I had much the same experience today. There were no segways but there were umbrellas of all colours out in the rain. I was holding my breath and waiting for a musical number to erupt. I was disappointed and a little cranky when no song arrived…

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