Where’s the parade?

Walking to work today, I saw a guy sitting in a canvas folding chair on the side of Cambridge street. He had a cooler next to him, and was reading a paper. But he honestly just looked like he was waiting for a parade to come down the street.
Either that, or he was camping out, maybe to get something? The really odd thing is the fact that there weren’t any stores, around where he was sitting.

Maybe he just got tired of walking, and decided to take a break. He’s just smart enough to carry around a chair to sit on.

Yesterday I made a credit card payment… but I messed up and clicked my old bank. Freaking out, I tried to cancel it, and then just gave up, and realized that they’d soon find out that they wouldn’t get any money from that bank account, since… well… it no longer exists.
However, today, I received an email that said the credit card company had received my payment, and thank you. This confuses me, and honestly worries me. I think I’m going to have to call them… and by them, I mean I’m probably going to be calling some off shore office with a bunch of people clacking away on computers, with absolutely no training in money handling. I love how our financial system works.


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