Weight watcher

A woman walked into the elevator in my building, holding in one hand a very bland looking salad. Her friend walked in next to her. They chatted as the elevator doors closed. And here’s an abbreviated bit of their convo.

“Looks good,” the woman not holding the salad, said to the other one.
“Yeah, I’m trying to stick to my diet,” the other woman said with a smile. “No more eating crap at the office.”
“Good for you,” the woman’s friend replied.

Then the doors opened, and they went forward to walk out… I was getting off at the floor above. It was then, that I noticed that in the woman’s other hand (the one who said she didn’t want to eat crap in the office) she had 3 cookies… 3 very large chocolate chip cookies.
Now, I’m not one to judge… I’ll order crappy things to eat, and then order a diet coke and think that at least helps me out… but I have to chuckle at the woman’s meaning of “crappy food” especially when kind of hiding a bunch of cookies…
Maybe they’re for her coworkers… maybe she’s bringing them home for her kids… I don’t know what… but I just thought it funny.

If you’re going to “eat healthy” having 3 cookies, kind of negates that.


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