Creamer mishap and sin absolutions

You know those individual little creamers you can get? Well, I picked up two of them, poured my coffee, and swirled in my usual 12 packets of sugar (I’m a fiend)… and I opened my first creamer, and there was nothing in it. Now, I swear, this wasn’t an old, used, discarded one. I had to literally tear the top off… but nothing was inside… so, I put it aside, and picked up the other one, and opened it, and it had creamer in it, so I poured it in my coffee… then had to go back for another… Who would have thought that I’d ever have the same thing happen twice… and yet… it did. Once again, I had to open the creamer, rip the top off… and there was nothing inside. Not just that… both creamer packages looked dry as hell.

On another note.
I was just absolved from all my sins by JC_the_saviour on twitter. All because I Followfriday’ed him. (
Twitter really has broken through all the barriers between people.


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