Boombox dude

Boombox dude has a friend. They walk around my neighborhood together, with a boombox between them, playing very very bad 80’s rock music. I’m talking… thriller, like a virgin… seriously.

Also, I sent out a tweet today on twitter, about this movie “Jesus Camp” (documentary), and got a message back from JC himself.
I don’t know which was more sacrilege, and really, I don’t care, but I thought it oddly comforting that JC doesn’t really agree with the whole evangelical christian nuts.
Because, I watched the movie, and they said, “let the blood of Jesus flow over these powerpoint slides, so that the devil can’t do them harm.” I’m sorry, but that’s a bit much. I know I have in the past, “blessed” my computer… “JESUS CHRIST WORK!” *coughs* but… I’m not about to ask for it to be doused with blood. I don’t think that would be a better alternative… that is, unless your computer’s a Carrie Computer.


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