Long time.

So I’m not that great at updating this thing. I have to get more on the ball.
One of my friends has dared me to go a week (work week) without using facebook or twitter at all, to see if I can do it. So far, so good! So, instead, I’ll just concentrate on wordpress!

Ok. Here’s a couple of new things.

– Walking from the mall back to my office building, I saw a vertebrae on the ground. Now… I’ve seen vertebrae a lot at home… because my parents live in the middle of the woods, and there’s all kinds of animals. However… here… in the middle of the city… that made me cringe, especially since it was, roughly the size of what I would consider a human-sized vertebrae.

– Hippies… I used to consider myself one… but then I realized I’m a yippie, not a hippie… I have a college education, and a masters degree, and an actual job. BUT I go to rallies, protests, and make sure to try to be as “green” as possible… but… if you consider yourself a hippie, and you have a college education… you’re not… just saying… Hippies live on communes…

– Having a tooth filled, does not ensure that you’ll never have a cavity in it. I had a tooth with 2 fillings… and a damned cavity found its way between the fillings… Ridic.

– Never power walk in birkenstocks… just saying…


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