The odd, the ew, and something in between.

Odd: It was raining pretty hard as I walked to the T this evening on my way home from work. But… I saw some spots where it was dry… and no real reason why it was dry… It confused me.

Ew: There was a large brown smudge on the window of the red-line T, which I noticed as we were coming into Park street station. The guy standing right next to the window (it was the window on the door) must have noticed it around that time too, because he was staring at it… and then I watched… he put his head very close to the brown smudge (no imagination needed here folks… it looked like exactly what you’re thinking) and his nose wrinkled, and he drew back his head… soooo… I’m going to think that he smelt exactly what I thought it was. However… he didn’t just stop there… he then lifted his hand, and poked at it… I nearly gagged.

In between: There’s an ad that says “We delete users unfit to date” And it’s for a dating web site. Now… I understand why they would have that copy on their ad. However… perhaps they should have put some context around that. Is it that they’re unfit, cause they’re married? (obvi) or, perhaps because they have ten thousand dollars in debt… and are wife-beaters (obvi) … but what exactly is this criteria that makes one “unfit to date”? As I thought about it more… I realized that I may be unfit to date… I’m terrified of commitments, don’t have a lot of time, and haven’t had a great-perfect relationship ever in my life… they’ve almost all been complicated. LOL. And I’m a pretty ok person… does that mean I’d be “unfit to date”
Because I had to think about it that long… I realized that the copy was actually quite horrible… THINK guys… before you post things up…


2 thoughts on “The odd, the ew, and something in between.

  1. OMG. your post is hilarious! i loved it! good times, i was just randomly surfing and i found it. that’s so funny abou the whole “unfit to date” thing, how does one go about judging people online who are “unfit”? wtf? anywho. awesome.

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