I keep forgetting that I have this… and thus haven’t posted on here in a while, yet have had quite a few observations. Sooo… I’ll just list them here.

1. There’s nothing better than seeing a guy who looks like the ultimate harley-rider, hells angel kind of guy, walk out towards his vespa, and then putter away.

2. When wearing an “earthhour” t-shirt, be prepared to have people ask you what it is… and to get it horribly wrong and ask, “what’s earth day” To which, one must respond… “Well… Earth Day is something you should have known about since grammar school… and in all honesty, has nothing to do with Earth hour.” Then… once people understand that earth hour is something else… they may in fact question you with something similar to the following: “Too lazy to do a whole day, only want to do an hour?”
This is the point at which I usually have to either zip my lips, or sit on my hands.

3. Getting your ears boxed, is not the same thing as cylons get.

4. Having a Jadis the white witch action figure from “McDonalds” on your desk is a great conversational starter. That being said… having a coffee cup that still has coffee in it from last week… is also a great conversational starter, though not the kind of conversation you probably want to have.

5. When people ask you “how’s that coming along?” They basically mean. “Is it done?”

6. Just because it’s shot on a RED camera, does not mean that it needs a green screen for the format to work right. Trust me… no green screen involved, and while it’s… slightly boring… it’s beautiful!

7. When having your taxes prepared by a “professional” who you are paying a very high price for, it is not a good thing to have them turn to you and say. “I think that’s right.” In fact… they should never “think” something’s right… they should… “know” that’s right. That being said… it’s also not a very good moment, when they say. “I should really go home and get some sleep, because I’m messing up left and right today.” Then end that statement with a chuckle. THAT is not something that makes me feel less nervous about getting my taxes done. If I had known how to do it… I would have done it at home… the reason why I brought them to the accountant, was because I thought they would know exactly how to do them, and I’d have no worries.

8. If you geek-out in a place where there are not that many people who understand what you’re geeking out about… it doesn’t come off as cute and funny, it comes off as slightly deranged, and weird.


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