Lock the door

I live in an old age home. Wait… correct that. I live in a Converted old age home. Which means that half of the people living here are geriatric, and the others are like me… young professionals (yuppies) or young families. This lends itself to all kinds of random events.

This evening, I went upstairs to have a smoke on the roof-deck terrace that overlooks the harbor (beautiful by the way) and as I was walking through the greenhouse room, a little old lady chirped up towards me.
“Honey… just make sure you lock the door after you, so that nobody goes out.”

I didn’t think anything of that, until I actually hit the door, and saw that the lock was on the inside… Thus… locking it was not going to stop ANYONE from going outside… but rather, if anyone was to come inside.

Darn batty old biddies.


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