Drink, walk, drink, walk

I was walking home this evening… or rather… walking to the T (subway/tube/metro) and there was a man in front of me. At first I paid him no mind, however, I began to notice that he was stopping mid step every now and then. I’m a pretty fast walker, and I eventually caught up to him, and was close enough to see him in one of his mid-step-stops… He was stopping to take a sip from his coffee mug.

Apparently he couldn’t walk and drink at the same time.

When I noticed this, I slowed down my pace, because I wanted to see it again. And he did it twice more while I was behind him… but soon my horribly controlling feet won over and I had to continue walking at my normal pace.
But it just made me chuckle. The man had to literally stop for just a moment and take a sip of his drink.
Thank god he wasn’t a shark… because sharks can’t stop their momentum otherwise they’ll die.


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