When I went to a gay bar in Philly for the drag-show night… the MC for the night would start off by very slowly saying she would like a “Cock-tail” and then giggle ridiculously, at which point a very scantily clad man would appear with a martini glass filled with some pink liquid.

However, ever since then I haven’t heard the word cocktail used in a “bad” manner. That is until this weekend.
Saturday evening, out with a friend, and we’re sitting there, chatting, talking nonchalantly, and the waitress walks up all smiles, asks us if we’d like an appetizer, or what would we like to drink. Then she said, “Could I interest either of you in a cocktail?” She then proceeded to lick her lips, and smile again. I couldn’t tell if she was coming onto either me or my friend (girl and guy respectfully… soo… could go either way at this point I suppose) I just shook my head, ordered a glass of wine, and looked at my friend… he grimaced, ordered a beer, and we forgot about it.

The waitress then came back, with our drinks, and leaned in towards both of us… at this point, I was completely taken aback. Smiling, blushing greatly… she said she had been dared to do that… to see what reactions she would get out of us. She then informed us that out of everyone she had done that too, the two of us were the least phased.

Good to know.
Needless to say, I may miss actual flirtation with that phrase because I’ve heard it uttered too many times with false-pretenses…
Cocktails is my wolf apparently.


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